Well Wishes and Get Better Soon to Idris Elba, Our Chief Bogo!

It is unfortunate with the current state of world affair that one of our beloved cast members of Zootopia came down positive with the COVID-19 virus. Our Chief Bogo, Idris Elba, announced in a tweet that he had tested positive for the Corona virus and we at ZNN were moved to send him well wishes and a speedy recovery while simultaneously keeping himself quarantined so that it may not pass onto others.

In response, we have asked our artists to create a picture befitting this event and that despite all his bluster and yelling, Bogo’s men still do love him as a boss and only want to wish him well even during the bad times. We have yet to action on it, but we are planning to take this wonderful image drawn by our own Quirky Middle Child and deliver it to him through official channels wishing him well.

From ZNN to Idris Elba: “GET BETTER SOON, CHIEF BOGO!!!”

Idris Elba’s Tweet can be seen below: