Zootopia parodies Oscar Nominees!

It’s almost time for the Oscars, and it’s time to ask that age-old question:

“How many animal puns can we fit into this year’s nominees?”

Well, Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush, along with the site Oh My Disney, put their heads together to bring us the Zootopia equivalent of these smash hit movies.  From the “inspiring shrew story” of Fru Fru Foxter Jenkins to the magical Fantastic Cheetahs and Where to Find Them, I guarantee these will get a laugh, or at least a groan, out of all of you!

These fantastic posters come to us originally from an article in The Hollywood Reporter, where last year’s batch appeared as well.  And because I just now realize that we didn’t exist to cover the posters from last year, we’ve included those here too.  Because why not?

Check them out after the break!

2017 Oscar Nominees

2016 Oscar Nominees


  1. Normally, this one isn't keen on the simple cut and paste of images from the film, as opposed to something more original in character usage, but given how the first set of film parody posters used the same technique and were officially made by Disney professionals, one can appreciate this second batch of parody posters for the upcoming Oscars. As a Bellwether-lover (all villainous activity aside), the La La Lamb poster is a hilarious spoof, with our ever adorkable Clawhauser in the Harry Otter (yes, that would be a fitting parody series) world for Fantastic Cheetahs. 😛

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