Comic: Never Say Goodbye (By Borba)


Fellow Zootopian scholars, I’m proud to show off a prodigious finding indeed! It has drama, comedy, and of course, features many of our favorite film characters. William Borba has posted a massive 35-page comic on his DA. Now I know Borba has a reputation for some rather…divisive comics in the past, but don’t worry I promise this one is better!

Correction: We have been reminded that it is in fact the conclusion of Borba’s “I Will Survive” trilogy of comics. Our apologies for saying otherwise.

It’s definitely worth checking out as it fleshes out some non-canon possibilities for after the film. There are spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie but I’d guess most of us have! Think of it as bonus content.

Check it out at the link here.





  1. I take this opportunity to give some advice to all those who want to read Borba’s latest work.
    First of all, I suggest you do not have too many illusions because you will inevitably be disappointed. If you want to read an interesting story with well-defined characters, then you’d better look elsewhere.
    The third installment of his Trilogy of Life has a dull, boring and flat plot like a dead man’s EEG, while the characters – including those from the film we all know and love – are defined in such a lazy, hasty and superficial manner that they do not convey any emotion.
    Briefly, this story does not deserve your attention at all because the author has amply demonstrated that he has no respect for the target audience. I’m only saying this for your own good because you won’t be disappointed like me. Bye!

    • Not to mention, there are a lot of unresolved plot points, and the narrative is incredibly clunky at best. At 27 pages, it’s the second longest of the 3, but the narrative was so inflated it could have been shortened to 6 or 7.

      Honestly, if I was ZNN, I would not have given this the time of day.

  2. “It’s not related”? It’s literally the sequel to I Will Survive and Born To Be Alive. There’s even frames from it in there as flashbacks!

  3. Borba is not worthy of notice. He is walking garbage, as is his work. His ART is beautiful.
    His WRITING is the rotten core of a diseased zombie, a soulless wretch expiring alone and abandoned from dysentery. His work fouls the air.

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