New Zootopia Children’s Book Series Coming Out!


As great as it is that the Zootopia fandom is still producing quality fan content over four years after the movie’s release, it’s always a treat whenever we get some official content. Lucky for us, we’ll be getting some of that sweet official content soon since Random House is working with Dinsey to release a new series of Zootopia children’s books!

The Little Judy series will follow a young Judy Hopps in Bunnyburrow as she learns about the importance of kindness, bravery, never giving up, and many of the other virtues that will help shape her into the bunny cop we’ve call came to know and love.

The book series will be available for order online from most retail sites starting January 5th, 2021, so why not go ahead and pre-order the series so that you have something sweet to kick off the new year with?

Disney Zootopia: Little Judy Loses a Tooth (Pictureback)

Disney Zootopia: Little Judy Learns Something New (Pictureback)

Disney Zootopia: Little Judy and the Gift of Kindness (Pictureback)