ZNN Interviews: Upplet – Author of ‘When Instinct Falls!’

Thank you all for being so patient for this interview! It has been a long time in coming, but after several months of work, we finally have what may just be our final interview in this format! We’ve figured, unless we get more dedicated folks to maintain this style and quality of interview videos, we may not be able to do anymore like this. We need a few more motivated Multimedia Wizards onboard to handle the workload. Despite this, we are looking ahead at new ways of doing interviews, maybe podcasts where people could tune in live to deliver questions on the spot? Who knows? Sound off in the comments below with your own ideas how we should do future ZNN interviews!

For now, we are going one-on-one with the bat. The one and only bat who has written what has got to be one of the biggest Wildehopps fanfics out there – ‘When Instinct Falls!’ In this interview we dive into heavy questions about what inspired the fanfic, his motivation and inspirations and what his future projects look like. Also, will we finally see the end of this grand fanfic undertaking anytime soon? Watch the interview to find out! We’ve also included a question or two from our Patrons as well, so be sure to look for that!

For now, enjoy the video and as always, Try Everything!


  1. Very nice interview! It was fascinating hearing the creative process behind a lot of this megafic, and even the origin of Upplet’s name. Always was curious about that. XD

  2. Wow an interview about Upplet. Ehehe
    I enjoyed to heard about you and your fanficition. Somehow, I though your voice would be more soft ahahaha

    Anyway, it’s a good thing that you’re name comes from a dog. I love them.

    hugs Sayra aka Claudia.

  3. I still remember the first time coming across a 100+ chapter fic. First instinct was how I’d be wasting my time on a plot that’s been over-saturated. Oh how wrong was I. Chapter and chapter, page after page, it proves me wrong. I had a lucky chance to speak with him over discord and, in my books, he’s an icon no doubt. I can’t say thank you enough. Then again, I’m convinced this is only the beginning. The beginning of something much more. You have it all, Upplet. <3

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