Friday, July 20, 2018

Story: Heat Spell

Art by Francesca-ictbs
[Rating T13][Romance][Fluff][One-Shot][AU]

Wanna cool off amid this year's sweltering summer? Be warned: though this pool-based story may sound like a cool drink of water, writer hannahberrie ramps up the heat with a scintillating tale of budding crushes between a certain fox and rabbit lifeguard pair. In this alternate universe, Nick and Judy are both college students working away the summer at a pool -- and right off the bat, Judy finds her co-worker may be more than just a passing summer crush. ~YFWE

Author: hannahberrie
Description : In the midst of an intense summer in Sahara Square, Judy and Nick are both college students working as lifeguards at a local pool club.
Heat Spell
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Additional Tags: nick's charm in this one is outta control

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