Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sunderance, Chapter 16.1 - 16.3 (by Kulkum and TheWyvernsWeaver)

This chapter was very insightful to me, it goes to show ya, that even if you win a moral battle, there are some people who get the last laugh anyways. It's like winning the battle but not the war. 

To continue our little catch-up marathon of Sunderance, we have Chapter 16: An Actor's Life For Me. We got a little bit of everything in this chapter! Some drama, a bit of verbal action (a crazy roasting session btw!) and my favorite, a dash of spicy Nick. And all of this from a certain elephant's ice cream shop!

And of course, all of this was possible due to the magical art skills of TheWyvernsWeaver and the creative mind of Kulkum for writing such a compelling story!

If you still need to get caught up for the series, don't worry, we always put this down here to help you guys out!
Read the entire chapter down below or head over to TheWyvernsWeaver's Deviantart right after the break!


  1. Interesting finding the differences between the comics and the written version..
    Also, better hurry up on the updates for this one; I spied a rather fitting appearance of one very well-known ZNN character in the last one :)

  2. Lol this place is laaaaatttteeee