Friday, May 11, 2018

Story: Life On A Fox's Couch

Art by Memory627
[Rating K9][Romance][Complete]

Don't let the title fool you; "Life on a Fox's Couch" isn't a long read in which we see the events of one's life unfold over many moments spent on the couch of the aforementioned fox. Instead, MysteryGirl22 pens a brief three-chapter look into the minds of both Judy and Nick as they find themselves on Nick's couch once again (Judy has been staying with Nick lately, mind you), thoughts of romance dancing in their heads. Where do things converge by the third chapter? You're unlikely to be disappointed. ~YFWE

Author: MysteryGirl22
Description : Most of their new life revolved around the stained old sofa, from eating their meals to reviewing case files, to those rare nights when there was nothing to do.
Life On A Fox's Couch
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