Monday, May 14, 2018

Story: Clear to Launch

Art by Nekr0ns
[Rating T13][Adventure][Sci-Fi][One-Shot][Complete]

Take an interstellar journey with "Clear to Launch," which finds Nick, Judy and Sharla (after all, she wanted to be an astronaut, remember?) taking off from their home planet to attempt to establish a mammalian presence on the moon. It's a quick read, and one that covers a lot of ground chronologically, though it's a fulfilling time nonetheless thanks to a strong showing on the description side particularly. Fans of space, post up! ~YFWE

Author: upplet
Description : Join Nick and Judy as they venture to the surface of the moon in this science fiction/adventure AU! For six months they must survive with only each other in an effort to build the first mammalian lunar colony. Will they succeed, or will the shadowy craters of Luna claim their very lives?
Clear to Launch

Additional Tags: space oddities

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