Thursday, May 24, 2018

Art of the Day #206

Bootleg Weasel by Habiyeru
Source [1]
Uh oh, it looks like Duke Weselton -- er, I mean Weaselton -- is at it again, and now he's dealing in bootleg blu-ray, with even more discs added to his inventory..

Mind you, I think the guy needs to rethink some of his offerings. The Room, Duke? Seriously?

Maybe we all better just go take a gander at some of the other artwork while he figures it out. And don't forget to click on the source links and give the original artists a fist-bump.

Get your art after the break!

Sharp Dreassed Man(mal) by Akiric
Source [2]
nick wilde 2do fanart by DiacordST
Source [3]
Fitness is the Key! by HyenaTig
Source [4]
XI Ideals by jackofthemagickarts
Source [5]
Future Judy by TheMeekWarrior
Source [6]
Enjoying the City by RubberAnimations
Source [7]
Unknown by @shio_mikann
Source [8]
Unknown by @ydk_disney
Source [9]
Unknown by @shio_mikann
Source [10]
Benjamin Clawhauser and Sweets by Elveariel
Source [11]
Zoot Fantasy AU by Credens-Vita
Source [12]
Nick and Judy...Kits Again by Credens-Vita
Source [13]
Picnic by @ulako414
Source [14]
Cornucopia by @shio_mikann
Source [15]
Fan Art Mayor Lionheart by doraemonbasil
Source [16]
Jack Savage by AndrejSKalin
Source [17]
Magical Judy 01 by @ulako414
Source [18]
Magical Judy 02 by @ulako414
Source [19]
Filename by tania-21
Source [20]
Nick by LimosNesia
Source [21]
Judy by LimosNesia
Source [22]

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