Thursday, April 12, 2018

Charades Fun with Nick and Judy at Disneyland!

"Frolicking Rabbit and Luggage Holding Fox"
Art by: 満天夜桜▷六角うさぎ (Source)
This one's pretty heartwarming and funny! It just puts a smile on my face seeing them have fun with the children and the visitors of Disneyland! 

This one's a bit of a fun one today! A channel named Disney Watchers has many videos exploring the various Disney-themed amusement parks of the world, from the USA all the way to Japan. And they've shown us a really neat-o clip of Nick and Judy playing charades, with them acting out the roles and the kids having to guess what they're acting out.

This really makes me want to buy an airplane ticket to see them! (Seriously, I'd love a picture with them.)

Check out the full video right after the break!


  1. Man, it must be hot in those suits.

    1. Yes it is. I forgot the chart, but for each rise in the temperature, their time on stage gets cut. (2008) It was 30 minutes, each rise in temp cut that by 10 minutes. Lowest was 10 minutes.

      If you go to critter country, Winnie the pooh rotates between the handlers. Start a clock during the summer and monitor when they leave. Up there it was usually 1-2 folks (one to be the handler, the other to keep the line flowing) and you would see one of them "disappear" (into winnie the pooh) and magically someone has sweaty matted hair