Monday, January 15, 2018

Story: Interspecies Relationship Support Network: Tri-Burrows Chapter

Art by WastedTimeEE
[Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Crime][Incomplete]

Surely you didn't think Nick and Judy could be the only interspecies couple in Zootopia, did you? Enter the newly formed Tri-Burrows chapter of the Interspecies Relationship Support Network, made up of a cast of characters both new and familiar, including Gideon, Sharla, Travis and others from Judy's hometown. But not everyone may be thrilled with its existence, and what begins as an unassuming foray into the chapter's attempts to get off the ground soon becomes a gripping who-dunnit. ~YFWE

Author: Gabriel LaVedier
Description : The Tri-Burrows may not be a sweeping metropolitan bastion of culture, but folks out there still need things, like an organization for folks that love outside their taxonomic category. To that end they've brought the Zootopian network to the Tri-Burrows. Of course... some mammals might not be very happy about that...
Interspecies Relationship Support Network: Tri-Burrows Chapter
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