Friday, November 24, 2017

Story: Transfurmers

Art by RCJ
[Rating T13][Action][Crossover][One-shot]

The original Transformers may be "robots in disguise," but Zootopia fans should have no problem figuring out the parallels between characters in this crossover that places the animal-filled world in a universe where robots rule and the Pawtobots and Predacons spar for the upper paw. Can MegaFox and Hoptimus Prime settle their differences before destroying each other? Regardless of the outcome, stay through the twist at the end. Trust us. ~YFWE

Author: Lothar Hex
Description : Zootopia/Transformers crossover one shot. I am a bad man and I do bad things to the franchises I love.
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Additional Tags: ok also does anyone else remember Beast Wars?


  1. Oh Beast Wars, so awesome, so underrated ><

    Code of Hero ftw

    1. And now you made me remember it and I'm going to cry now.

  2. there was actually a transformers series where a rabbit transformer tried to prove to his stern boss that he was capable of fighting. though the difference there is that stampy kind of did suck at fighting and had to figure out different ways to be useful.

    so like, not the same at all i guess

    1. Beast Machines maybe? Just a guess, didn't watch that one.

    2. actually it was beast wars neo, one of the multiple japanese only sequels to beast wars. japan really liked beast wars

    3. >< we probably would have gotten it too if Beast Wars had been better received here, but they moved it's time slot around so much, I'm sure the ratings weren't accurate. Thx for the mention tho, guess I've got something to look out for ^^

    4. actually beast wars was incredibly successful over here, it basically saved the franchise and is still regarded as one of the best shows by the community. beast wars neo is just a straight up anime with all the trappings, but also has no subtitles which makes it difficult to actually watch