Monday, November 13, 2017

Story: How Many Ways Can a Fox and a Rabbit Fall in Love?

Art by TheSlackerKing
[Rating T13][Humor][Drama][Fluff][Romance]

PullTogether does it again with this whimsical romance story told in brief snippets of how Nick and Judy fall for each other. On the surface, it seems like your standard tale of the two of them finding love and living happily ever after, complete with various heartwarming moments they share together, but as the story goes on, not everything is as it seems. Enhanced by undertones of mystery and melancholy, this imaginative work is wonderfully intriguing and poignant, and sure to leave an impact on the reader once all is revealed in the conclusion. ~DrummerMax64

Author: PullTogether
Description : Nick tells a seemingly disconnected series of stories about how he and Judy fell in love. Minor canon divergence explores how a small difference in what happened at the museum has some major repercussions.
How Many Ways Can a Fox and a Rabbit Fall in Love?
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Additional Tags: Judging by the amount of fanfiction, there are hundreds, no, thousands of ways for them to find love.


  1. Now that it's complete, I can say that it is an entertaining tale that's well-told but the initial recommendation makes it seem much more distinctive and imaginative than it turns out to be. By the end, you realize that it's more or less based upon a movie that came out a decade ago that actually had a more hopeful ending.

  2. It's certainly beautifully told, but the ending was a tad more painful than I think is necessary.