Monday, October 2, 2017

Zootopia is the #2 Best Disney Movie OF ALL TIME!

Zootopia Suit Riot by Fascmouse
About a month ago, ran a competition where they asked the internet a simple question: What is the best Disney Animated Movie Ever?  Using a bracketed tournament style system of voting, people were able to find out which movie they personally like the best.  Then they calculated the number of times each movie was selected the winner by everyone.

With a sample size of over 300,000 votes, I think it's safe to say we've got enough data to confirm it as fact: Zootopia is one of the absolute BEST animated films to come out of Disney.  Ever.  Sure, it came in the #2 spot, but the only movie that did better in these polls was The Lion King, and that's the peak of the Disney Renaissance!

The final results are in, but if you want to find out what you personally consider to be the best Disney movie, you can still take the survey / tournament here!  They also wrote an article about it, so check that out here!


  1. Zootopia may be #2 by vote but its #1 in my book :3

  2. There's an interesting bit of "history repeats itself" trivia regarding the top two choices. The Disney Revival films "Zootopia" and "Moana" are an interesting mirror of the Disney Renaissance films "The Lion King" and "Pocahontas". Each set of films had the situation where a "talking animals" film was released and only expected to be a "filler" film that came before the next highly anticipated "princess" film.

    In both cases, the "talking animals" film became a massively successful sleeper hit that surprised the studio and surpassed its respective "princess" film. "Moana" took in a very respectful $640 million worldwide but was outdone by "Zootopia" which took in $1.02 billion. "Pocahontas" was a moderate success with $346 million and was eclipsed by "Lion King's" $968 million. Also, note that "The Lion King" was just $32 million shy of becoming the first billion dollar animated film in history.

    1. HA! Now that you point it out, I remember writing an article saying that exact thing over a year ago! Called it!

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  4. Ha and Frozen wasn't even on the list. In your face Frozen.

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