Monday, September 11, 2017

Zootopia Timelapse Videos! (by Bear Hart Studio)

Now there's a face you don't want to mess with!  Hail to the Chief indeed!

Bear Hart Studio is a very small youtube channel (less than 30 subscribers at the time of writing) but holy cow this guy is talented!  He's recently started doing 4-5 timelapse videos per week, showing exactly how he goes through the process of making absolutely incredible fanart, with a theme each week.  This last week's theme was Zootopia, and as you can see from the cover image, the quality is spectacular!

He's done a basic art tutorial on drawing Judy and Nick, and now has some fantastic digital paintings of Clawhauser, Flash, Chief Bogo, and Nick!  Need I say more?  Check them out after the break, and be sure to subscribe to his channel to let him know we love his work!


  1. This artist is absolutely amazing. They deserve far more views and subscribers

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