Saturday, September 9, 2017

Water Under The Burrows, Chapter 7: Bad Animal

Looks like Judy might have a problem.  A very big, very intimidating problem.  This chapter reminds you that yes, Water Under The Burrows is in fact a sequel to Water Under The Bridge.  

For those of you who haven't read it (which I highly recommend you go do right now), one of the main antagonists that Nick and Judy take down is a huge Eurasian Lynx named Grigori Yevgenyevich.  So the fact that there's also a large, russian lynx standing behind Judy... well, you'll have to read the comic and see what happens.

Once again, Mr Mead and WriteAnon have outdone themselves!  Seriously, this comic is phenomenal, and if you aren't caught up with it, I strongly suggest you do so here:

Read Chapter 7, Bad Animal over on Mr. Mead's tumblr, or after the break!


  1. I am unfathomably sick of this stupid trope. Family is family. Family sticks together. Family forms an evil mob to hide great-great-grandpa's merciless slaughter of an entire tribe of natives and all the workers in his comically unsafe mine and factory so that we can all savor our riches and the respectability that comes from pretending we're superior and love each other. Also one of our cousins is a serial killer and cannibal so we do society a favor by hiding him from police and procuring his victims. Not only only is it perfectly moral to hate your family when deserved, it's sometimes the only right thing to do. That you happen to be accidentally a part of them only matters if you can't get past programmed DNA. Your selfish genes sometimes do stupid things. The morals in this particular section are... disgusting, to say the least. And Judy buys it. I think that's the most disgusting thing of all.

    1. Usually, the people in those "families" are just as messed up as the monsters they are protecting. The sick justifications they have to make up to excuse innocent blood being spilled causes a great deal of stress. Family may not completely define you, but when they RAISE and TEACH you, it's hard not to take some of their values into your own moral code. Also, parents with a problem child ALWAYS have a hard time turning them in. It's mostly out of shame and belief that they can change.

      The inner conflict of these scenarios destroys people. Hate and resentment as Anna said here, do nothing but make you hollow; forgiveness being extremely difficult is another popular trope, mostly because it is TRUE.

      Abandoning family out of anger (even if deserved) does nothing but hurt. Where would she go? Who knows her better than her own family? Genes don't define you, the way you are raised and your values do. As for the story itself, it's more than likely the others in Anna's family do want blood, but what did you expect? Protecting a monster WILL corrupt you. They loved him, and love for someone can make people do stupid things. Revenge being the primary thing here. It's sadly how our minds work most of the time. I'm sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to discuss what you said here.

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  3. am i missing something about this Anya character here ?