Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Story: Closed Doors

Art by: Hawken Carlton
[Rating T13][Adventure][Slight Romance][Action]

A long-simmering conflict between the forces within Zootopia and those outside it clash in "Closed Doors," which follows Nick, Judy and an intriguing Jack Savage alongside multiple well-crafted OCs in a battle against creatures quite different from those that inhabit their mammalian utopia. Settle in for some strong world-building, entertaining action scenes and a little budding romance for good measure. - YFWE

Author: HawkTooth
Description : Primal or progress? Two very different opinions exist on how the world should be run, and while Zootopia has had success in the embodiment of one, the city and its ideals aren't immune to the world around them either. Nick and Judy have only just settled into their new lives when an ancient conflict prepares to flip their world once again; truth's rarely as simple as it seems.
Closed Doors

Additional Tags: Mammals, birds, reptiles, oh my!


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  2. Thanks so much for featuring this! I'm hoping there's a little bit of something in it for everyone (action, romance, supernatural, humor) and the feature's already brought in a few new readers, so very happy about that. Stay tuned for more excitement!