Friday, August 4, 2017

Story: The Pursuit

Art by: TheWinterBunny
[Rating M16][Romance][Drama][Suspense][Complete]

A multi-layered and marvelously written tale gushing with mystery, intrigue, betrayal and love, this is a story that immediately hooks you with its gripping narrative and excellent portrayal of everyone's favorite rabbit/fox duo. As Nick and Judy progress further into their blooming relationship and receive a new, grisly case to prove themselves as officers, they'll find that their personal and work spheres will be entwined in a terrifying, intricate game of cat and mouse with villains that threaten the stability of both the city and the bond between the two partners. Even though the story can get quite bleak at times, trust me when I say that the journey is absolutely worth it, as the twists and turns throughout – not to mention the emotional payoff at the end – will make this a memorable experience from start to finish and prepare you for a sequel that's just as thrilling. - DrummerMax64

Author: LagardeRhoade
Description : The Pursuit picks up where Zootopia left off, moving forward with the growing friendship between Nick and Judy, as well as their next case. This story does contain some violence and mature themes, though most are later in the story. Expect some drama along the way, as this story is NOT short and will twist and turn over its course.
The Pursuit
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Additional Tags: "The pursuit of love is worth it."


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