Monday, July 10, 2017

Story: Fall

Art by: Panzery25
[Rating M16][Crime][Adventure]

Centered around the what-ifs of a full-out gang war in Zootopia, Fall highlights characters both familiar and new. Nick and Judy work to keep the city from bloody conflict as the city's gangs claw tooth and nail in an excellently-crafted bid for supremacy. Is Mr. Big guilt free? Can the members of the ZPD be trusted? This story will leave you guessing as to what will happen next. - Mordecai

Author: Eragon05
Description : It all begin with two murder cases, but quickly escalated into an all out gang war between the two most powerful crime families in Zootopia. Nick and Judy have only been partners on the force for six months and yet they must now team up with friends and enemies both new and old if they are to save their city.

Additional Tags: Gangs of New York, this time with anthros! ...Sort of

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