Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dorkly features "weird" Zootopia Fanart

We didn't add that arrow.  They did.
A few days ago, the nerd news site Dorkly posted an article titled "Think Zootopia Fanart Didn't Get Super Weird?  You Were Wrong!"  Ah, Dorkly.  Poor, innocent, Dorkly.  You have no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Wait, that was a poor choice of words.  Especially in this context.

You're barely scraping the surface of the tip of the iceberg.  As a self-proclaimed Expert on the Zootopia Fandom, I can tell you flat-out that what you featured is nowhere close to the weirdest stuff this community has produced.

That said, they do a decently good job of highlighting some of the more unique fan interpretations of Zootopia.  However, there are a few problems with the article itself.  For example, rather than linking to the super awesome picture, "Here Be Dragons: The Dragon's Mask" by TheWyvernsWeaver, they credit him as "Sunderance" while linking to the patreon both he and kulkum share.  Also, they featured TrashasaurusRex twice, not realizing that her deviantart account's name is Starlight10058.

Good effort, Dorkly.  But when it comes to Zootopia Fan Content, ZNN's got ya covered.

Check out their full article here or in link above, and let us know in the comments what you think the weirdest piece of Zootopia fanart you've seen is (but keep it SFW, this is a family site)!


  1. He forgot the cringiest one, that zootopia crossover "Fairly Odd Zootopia", is the name i think. Nothing personal btw, i just cant get over it. : )

    1. This whole article is quite humorous to me. This stuff (even when taking Rule 34 and shit fanfics into account) is baby stuff compared to the fanworks Undertale, FNAF and MLP have created.

      You want to lose faith in humanity? Look up anything FNAF. (Sexualizing/romanticizing killer possessed animatronics from a horror game meant for horror completely butchers and destroys the entire point of the series; its literally all just one big pile of OOC SHIT.)

    2. Oh dont worry, sadly, i know the internet too well. Rather not think about it...

  2. Way too many cringe-worthy bits out there to pinpoint one single piece (and I think I agree with Sash13 above here, while the art is great the Fairly Odd comic is grammatically and plot-wise rather painful), but at least the good art out there heavily outweighs it. Dorkly definitely has no idea though.

  3. Look at the comments' section on their Facebook post. It's like these people have never been on the internet before.