Saturday, March 11, 2017

ZMV: Memoir of Zootopia (by ACRaceBest) + video of last week's meetup at Randy's Donuts!

ACRacebest, as well as anyone else who got to go meet Rich Moore and Nate Torrence last Saturday, is one lucky son-of-a-gun.  He got to win prizes, chat with Clawhauser, ask Clark Spencer some questions, and even hug Rich Moore!

 But that's not the only thing he did to commemorate Zootopia's one-year anniversary.  He also made a very high quality ZMV!

Titled Memoir of Zootopia, it's actually a part of a series where he recaps seasons of a TV show, in order, in a music video.  If you're wondering why it was called that, well, now you know!  Trust me, it confused me too, I asked him directly.

Also, sorry that this post is coming to you guys so late in the day!  I've been really busy putting the finishing touches on the Ultimate Thank You Card project.  That's right!  Expect an update about that very soon!

So, check out Memoir of Zootopia, as well as a video of Race's experience at the Meet-and-greet event last week, after the break!

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  1. OMG!! I did watch the live on facebook but I don't know the event behind was so awesome!! I super want the blanket!!! They are all so nice and talk to fans like friends...and offering free dounuts!! Again, congratulations on winning Oscar and one year anniversary!! Also thank you for sharing this video!!