SNL makes a Zootopia Bootleg!

That’s right, Zootopia got parodied on Saturday Night Live!

Well, sorta.  In this “Impressions Parade” style skit, Octavia Spencer, Melissa Villasenor, Alex Moffat, and Kenan Thompson are voice acting for a Weaselton-Approved movie called Zoo-Opolis!  (Not to be confused with Zootropolis.  What are you, a lawyer?)  Of course, they can’t afford any acutal celebrities, so they just had to make do with the people they had on hand.

The icing on the cake here is that Octavia Spencer was actually IN Zootopia!  She’s the voice of Mrs. Otterton.  And now here she is, imitating Oprah if Oprah were playing a pidgeon!  It’s great!

Check out the hilarious “Zoo-opolis Voice Actors” sketch after the break!


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