Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Poll: What are your favorite scenes from the movie?

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We haven't done a poll in a while, have we?  Let's fix that.

Zootopia is a phenomenal movie, but no movie is greater than the sum of its scenes.  That said, there are so many stand-out scenes that picking a favorite has always been kind of tricky for me.

Let's find out which scene is the fandom's favorite!  Will it be The Jumbo Pop Hustle?  The Press Conference?  The Bridge?  Taking down Bellwether?  There are so many options!

So, What are your favorite scenes from Zootopia?  Select as many as you want, but try to limit yourself to just your ABSOLUTE favorite scenes.

Check out the poll over in the sidebar, and we'll see you next week with the results!


  1. Nick Wilde: Hey! No kiss bye-bye for daddy?
    Finnick: You kiss me tomorrow, I'll bite your face off!
    Finnick: Ciao.

    Best one :D


    1. Dude, they got an official answer from Disney. Disney's always had a strict policy of never talking ideas of this nature from outside sources, for fear of stealing someone else's idea and getting in trouble for it. If they want ideas like this, they look for them internally.

    2. Had a friend submit a script to Disney for a possible movie a while back. It was good too, but like you said, Disney sent a letter saying they cant use outside sources. But, they did keep the script... Haven't seen any movie related to the one sent in, but I guess it doesn't hurt to hope. You know what they say, Try Everything! :)

  3. The train scene. When Judy first sees the city.

  4. This isn't some fairytale where you sing a song and your insipid little dreams magically come true!!!

  5. N : Its my word against yours
    J pen : "200 bucks a day fluff, 365 days since I was twelve"
    J : Actually, is your word against yours

    I love that nick expression :o

  6. HAS to be between Mr. Big's entry, Nick getting hustled, and that one zinger of a line by Weaselton: "They offered me something I couldn't!"

    Though, when it comes to most touching....young Nick's scene really, REALLY got to me!

  7. "I really am just a dumb bunny."
    -rewinding sounds-
    'I really am just a dumb bunny.'
    -rewinding sounds=
    'I really am just a dumb bunny."

    "Don't worry Carrots. I'll let you erase 48 hours."

  8. The sloth DMV scene is the one I still laugh the hardest on. I also like the scene when they are running from the savage Munches and Nick corrects Judy's pronunciation, because where I come from some streets have like 5 ways of saying them and because who cares just run!!!

  9. - you know yo love me.
    - Do I know that?... Yes, yes I do.

    and shippers went nuts indeed xD

  10. "Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song, and your insipid dreams magically come true.

    So Let. It. Go."

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  12. Has to be the Bridge scene (Judy's apology) for me--so I'm a sucker for sappy what! Judy's trip into the city is a close second--the animators did such an awesome job of capturing her amazement and wonder!


  13. For me it is the the scene were Bogo asks for Judy's badge. Right there before Nick's speech you can watch his face go through several different emotions as he fully comes to understand what was at stake for Judy.

  14. The Train Scene where Judy Attempted to pilot the make-shift laboratory to the ZPD for evidence.

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  16. Not on first viewing, but in retrospect I'd have to say Nick's monologue to Judy after she's caught him hustling. It seemed so basic the first time through, I'd almost forgotten it existed.
    However, the amazing subtleties really shine when you go back and really pay attention. The foreshadowing, the nuances, the well-hidden backstory... Even blueberries! Plus, the animation is stellar, with plenty of detail to the city being casually understated.

    Oh, and I simply HAVE to get a gif of Nick's butt-wiggle when he says "cute fuzzy-wuzzy tail". It's just hilarious! It would make such a good gif reaction... xD

  17. Many scenes are what I love (most beautiful: when we see the city from the train, most emotional: the bridge most exciting: Manchas attacks, burning train) But there is also something I like very much. When Nick protect Judy, against Bogo. A "cowardly, dishonest, untrustworthy, criminal" fox defy against the huge ZPD Chief. He stands next to Judy (who blackmailed him). "Trust. Integrity. Bravery"

    1. Ooh, that's also a favorite scene of mine!

  18. The whole movie for me is my favorite scene :u, but the scene of the argument between judy and nick is the best one :u

  19. The first time Judy in Zootopia
    When Judy see Nick again under the bridge
    When Nick and Judy on the train
    When they troll Bellwether
    When Nick get in ZPD
    When Judy said she loved Nick

  20. I got one...
    Nick: Oh my God!
    Judy: What, what!
    Nick: It's the velvety pipes of Jerry Vole!... And on CD's who still listens to CD's...

  21. Nick: It does, 100%.

    Bogo: The world has always been broken, thats why we need a good cops, like you.