Thursday, March 16, 2017

FreezeFrame #5- You're Dead, Fluff-butt!

Alright cadets, listen up!  The voice of Fuschia! (that's how she's credited, exclamation point and all) is here to train you how to be an officer on the ZPD!  You're going to have to master the elements, and in the process, you are going to run into all sorts of dangerous exercises!

Through it all, you will fail over and over and over again!  Especially you, bunny!
Yeah, I'm talking to you!  You're gonna get your butt kicked, and we're going to laugh!  Welcome to the ZPD, enjoy your career!

Check out these amusing screenshots of Judy utterly failing at the academy after the break!

(The hot air blowing in your face fills you with determination)

Can we take a moment to appreciate the sand in this scene?  You almost never see sand again in the movie, but for this one bit, they rendered every single individual grain of it!  That is seriously impressive, Disney!

For all you artists out there, this is what Judy's wet/muddy fur looks like.  Very spiky, but short.

The Birth of Venus, Disney Edition

Booting up Bun.exe

Bun.exe has encountered an error

Bun.exe has crashed

That expression is priceless.  Just goes to show just how not-designed-for-rabbits this obstacle course is.

Ouch.  That has GOTTA hurt!

Hey, at least this tiger noticed Judy fall.  It lasted all of one frame, so he must have really good eyes.

And finally we have some rare, behind-the scenes footage of the production of Norm of the North.

See you next time for Judy's inspiring comeback!


  1. I liked watching this part of the movie in 4D when i see it the first time, I laughed and get splashed my face at the same time every second XD.

    I love to watch it again in 4D

  2. The polar bear drill instructor has a name, you know: