Saturday, March 25, 2017

Art of the Day #94 - The Clothes Make the Mammal!

2016.5.8 by yljl5809
Source [1]
The old cliche goes "It's the clothes that make the man", or perhaps in this case "mammal". As great as the outfits in the movie may be, redressing the characters encourages us to look at them in a new light. Check out some cool alternative outfits after the break

His Butler, Sly Fox X3c by Battouga-Sharingan
Source [2]
A Bailaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by tamatria
Source [3]
Can't Stop The Feeling by Sue--Boo
Source [4]
Zistopia by Caliosidhe
Source [5]
The Fastest Sloth Alive by geogantart
Source [6]
Casualties. by tailinyan
Source [7]
Mad Hatter & March Hare by kefna
Source [8]
Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps by Fernanda Oliver
Source [9]
SH_zootopia by vetrofroza
Source [10]
Today's Drawing #9 by Zootopia-JudyHopps
Source [11]

Judy Hopps by neko壺
Source [12]
Becoming Jane AV by @tajo05
Source [13]

Gotta stay in shape! by kaninewest
Source [14]
carrots! by Akaonic
Source [15]
judy_tsuki_no_hime by rhieny
Source [16]

Suited Gazelle by Hobilo
Source [17]
zootopia by GoldOctober
Source [18]

ernest and celestine AU by quirky-middle-child
Source [19]

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