Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This cover of Try Everything, by The Punkens, is INCREDIBLE!

Back when the year began, and people were still caring about their new years' resolutions, I resolved to do my best to make up for things I regretted.  Well, the only regret I have for ZNN is not giving these guys their own post!

Okay, I know it's a bit of a cop-out, since we featured them before in this post of three covers of Try Everything, but you guys.  This cover.  It's just... it's the best.  There's no topping it in my opinion.  I dare you to do better.

(Seriously, I dare you to do better- that would be even more amazing!)

For a small indie group on Youtube, The Punkens sure know how to make some big sound.  Be sure to go subscribe to them on youtube, or watch the video for yourself after the break!

...or do what I do sometimes and put it on repeat forever.  Your choice.


  1. Yeah, I pretty much listen to this cover whenever I need cheering up. I think the addition of other languages at the end is what sells it.

  2. You dare me, huh? Maybe this one is about equal?

  3. Andy, you are the man! Thank you for spreading the love for this very small indie band on your very awesome website. Keep up the great work and please hold me, as I am already jonesing for some Zootopia 2.
    -Kyle from the Punkens

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