Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Story- Zootopia: The Original Plot

[Hurt/Comfort][Humor][Rated K9]

This fic takes its premise, using what knowledge we have of the original plot of Zootopia to reconstruct as close as possible what the film would have been, and executes it well. J Shute Norway does a good job taking the clips and tidbits we have from the different stages of development and combining them into a coherent story. There are are, of course, some problems; mainly that at times the execution can sound at times like a description of a video rather than a more standard piece of fiction. However, Zootopia the Original Plot is definitely worth a peek, especially if you like the Zoodystopia concept. ~Nota999

Author: J Shute Norway
Description : The original dystopian/ zoodystopian plotline, or the closest we can get to it, pieced together with old and new material released by Disney. In the shinning mammal metropolis of Zootopia, those descended from predatory mammals are forced to wear Tame collars for the safety of society as a whole. But when Nick Wilde tastes freedom, he and his friends plan to hustle it back.
Zootopia: The Original Plot

Additional Tags: For a second fanfic, J Shute Norway, you're doing well. Keep it up.


  1. That one is cool too, but for me the canon plot is Zoo(dys)topia by Alphabet :p

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