Monday, November 7, 2016

Story: A Different Goal

[Romance] [Rated T-13]
I'll admit it. I am not a morning mammal, and fanfics like this one surely don't help. This story follows Judy as she attempts to make sense of certain "feelings" she's been having towards a certain fox everyone knows. Someone may say, "Hey! That sounds like a pretty standard story," but let me tell you something guy I only brought on to prove a point. You're wrong! Pixiestick is able to perfectly blend angst and fluff like a five star chef to create something that truly sucks you in. Add in some great dialogue and all around excellent writing, and you have yourself one exceptionally well done fanfic. One exceptionally well done fanfic that will cause you to loose 3 hours of sleep, oversleep, and be late to work all because you couldn't stop reading it the night prior. ~Namicle

Author: Pixiestick_cc

Description : Like any mammal, Judy could be dumb when it came to certain things. Not because she was a rabbit, but because for a long time she’d been blind with ambition. And love … well, that was something that took a little longer to come into focus.

A Different Goal

Additional Tags: Who said love was easy?


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