Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Story: Zootopia: The Moment

[Drama][Romance][Rated K9]
After a year of being police officers, how will Judy and Nick's lives be? Will they tackle another big case or a bunch of small ones? How will they feel about it? These are questions very nicely answered by Kannik. ~O-Andy

Author: Kannik

Description: It's been about a year since the events of Zootopia. Judy and Nick are ears-deep in a grueling case. At wits end, they discover that support is closer than they think. A short story about the unexpected moment when everything shifts, and friendship deepens into something beyond.

Additional Tags: "More tea, Carrots?"


  1. Is this a one-shot or what? It hasn't been updated since June, and it doesn't seem to have an ending.

    1. And it seemed to start somewhere in the middle of the story, too.

    2. Hi there! Kannik here. :) The story was originally intended to be a self-contained one shot, dropping you into the story mid-stream of the difficult case and ending with "the moment."

      That said, as I was writing it, more ideas and potentials bubbled up in my mind so it may well just end up having a continuation someday... :)