Monday, October 17, 2016

Comic: Undercover (Original by Micks)

Sometimes, you may need to make some unconventional choices if you're going to accomplish your goals.  And if that goal is catching a sleazy perv... well, those choices may be a bit.. embarrassing for the cops involved in the sting.  Thankfully Nick has a good sense of humor.  And no shame.

Thanks to Micks (米克斯犬) for making the original comic, and thanks to Miller Wong for translating and editing it for us!  You can find the original over on Pixiv, and get your translated comic after the break!


  1. Wow! Nick can really live up to the whole, 'sultry vixen' stereotype, huh?

  2. Maybe if she had worn a dress too, it would work.
    Nick have good taste

    1. I think it's more gee, she looks like that famous bunny cop... also she's a bunny. The wolf probably saw that and was like "I'm not into that kinda thing."

  3. Poor judy, forcing herself to wear that but it shows up nothing. I bet she was too famous to get a criminal wolf ;3

  4. Judy just failed to realise that she's kinda a tomboy when it comes to fashion. She never did wear a proper dress in the film, either. Nick is completely shameless about such images, even when it's useful to catch criminals. Brings to mind all the wonderful art of Trashasaurus Rex on Tumblr: Spicy Nick, and Nick you lovely princess. :P