Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Story: Fox Point

Cover by Fred "GD" Perry
[Adventure] [Drama] [Crossover] [Rated M-16]

Set after the events of Sly 4: Thieves in Time and before the events of Zootopia, follow the misadventures of Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox as she gets assigned by Interpol to temporarily join the ZPD in a city still plagued by past prejudice.  Including elements from the ZooDystopia narrative and weaving them in seamlessly with the Zootopia we know and love and with the larger world of Sly Cooper, Fox Point is a fantastic story that I stayed up all night to read.  It's that good.

Author: MaveriKat
Description: Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it, but so are those who cannot let the past go.  With the rise of the Mammal Inclusion Initiative, one vixen is going to be uprooted from what she knew to live and breathe the tenants of the ZPD: Trust, Integrity, and Bravery.  Even if the city doesn't believe she can.
Fox Point

Additional Tags: My two favorite foxes in one story.  How much more awesome can it get?

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  1. First crossover I've seen on here, any other recommendations