Monday, July 18, 2016

O.M.Goodness! An Official animation from Disney, telling the story of Zootopia in Emoji!

Disney has graced us with the first bit of new, original animation based on Zootopia!  Granted, it's in Emoji, but still!  Animation is Animation, I'll take as much of it as I can get!

A while ago we covered a post where somebody told the entire story in existing Emojis, (See that article here) but Disney just went all out!  The ways they use iPhone Text Functions to play with elements of the story is hilarious, as are the expressions and variety of the custom Zootopia Emojis.

Seriously Disney, we would probably pay money if we could get these specific things as actual emoji on our phones.  Make an app for that!

Thank you so much to Gino Guzzardo, Dan Siegel, Dylan Edwards, Jansen Lefrancois, Terra Zhang, and everyone else involved in making this.  I know how long even simple looking animations like this can take, so bravo and thanks again!

Check out the video after the break!


  1. Heh. They skipped a few key points, but it was still entertaining. I like the resizing and copy-pasting of the pawpsicles. :P

  2. I love the glasses on Nick.
    I would like this post if I could on the blog site.

  3. I love it very. cool way of telling the story of the movie good job Disney PS could you please give me These Emojis on iPhone