Saturday, June 4, 2016

ZNN is looking for Volunteers!

Hello everybody!  Andy Lagopus here.  Running ZNN thus far has been fantastic, and the team we currently have is amazing.  But, as the site gets larger and larger, with more and more people submitting stuff to us on a regular basis, we're finding ourselves stretched thin.

So, we're looking for volunteers to do specific jobs to help the site run even smoother!  If any of these descriptions describe you, shoot me a PM!  If you don't feel like you fit any of these descriptions, don't worry, I doubt this will be the last time we ask for help.  Also, if you have any ideas of things that could help improve your experience when you visit ZNN, we'd love to hear from you on Zootopia.Rocks!

Who we need:

Pre-Reader   Filled
Do you spend a lot of time reading fanfiction?  Do you have a solid understanding of English grammar?  Are you able to tell within the first couple of chapters if a story is going to be good or not?  Then apply to be a pre-reader and help us with our backlog of fanfics!

We only need one of these at the moment, so it'll be on a first-come-first serve basis, with everyone else who applies being kept in consideration should we need more.

Can you read and write in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean fluently?  Are you comfortable using social media sites that are popular in those countries?  Do you know where to find good content on these sites?  Then apply to be a Translator and help us bring some incredible work (especially comics) to the english-speaking world!

Right now, we can use several more Japanese and Korean translators.  We would also like to get some people who not only can read and write Chinese well, but are already on their highly exclusive social networks, since foreigners can't register on those sites.  We get the feeling there's a lot of awesome content out there that we just don't know about simply because we can't see it, and we want to fix that.  Finally, we could use one or two people who are good with Spanish, but this will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

ZNN often has needs for specific pieces of art that do not exist presently, such as fanfic covers or special events.  While I do have some digital art skills, I have neither the time nor the talent to do more than a basic sketch of an idea.  So, if you're an artist who does have time and talent, we'd love to have you on our team!

That's all for now!  Remember, if you feel like you have the time and capability to help in any of these respects, either shoot me a PM on Zootopia.Rocks or email with the subject line "Application".

As always, Try Everything!

-Andy Lagopus


  1. Damnit, better wait for next time. Could work as pre-reader, but that's taken. I don't know chinese, korean or japanese. Could work as an artist, but I'm not very good at anthropomorphs

  2. Well I can translate French if you want. I can also send you some stuff, but working as an artist for you... mmmh it should complicated, I'm actually doing another original pic of Nick Wilde, but I'm not only focused on Zootopia, having original ideas is hard and... the time... I mean, I'm not missing time too much but I have others priorities :(
    Here's a pic of mine: !!!WARNING!!! For everyone, don't forget it's FA, even if you don't have an account and then unable to see NSFW, it can happens sometimes that you fall on weird stuff, (just watch my pic and get the f*** out of here)

  3. I can read and write chinese well.But I just new to this website.I found this URL from subreddit.I might interested of being a translator.

    Because -Try Everything.

  4. *reads the Pre-Reader role is taken* Bugger...