Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zootopia: The Musical - Original Song "Vermin" by Jack Cassidy

What a wonderful thing to wake up to!  (Yes I realize it's like 8PM where I live, hush)

I am an ENORMOUS fan of musical theater, and while I am kind of glad that Zootopia itself wasn't a musical, it has so many emotional moments that could make for great musical material.  So, what would that musical be like?

Jack Cassidy, who did the country cover of Try Everything a little while back, set out to answer that question, and boy did he do an awesome job!

Get ready for an emotional, heartfelt number about Nick's Past as he confides in Judy on the sky tram after the break!

(Also, Disney- work with this guy to get Zootopia on Broadway.  If you can do The Lion King and Frozen onstage, you can find a way to do Zootopia.)


  1. May I just say, Zootopia on Broadway would be really awkward having a bunch of singers in fur suits XD

    1. Unless they do the smart thing and only uses animal ears and tail.

  2. This needs to be a thing!!!
    Where's the kickstarter!?

  3. We need a song from Stu warning Judy of what predators to avoid, and the products available to repel them "Fox Tazer? Why not a Lazer?!" Her sibs could be his Greek chorus.

  4. If I'm being honest I'm writing a Zootopia musical ;)
    He'll probably never reply but I plan on dm'ing Byron Howard or Rich Moore on Twitter

  5. A recurring theme in Judy's songs could be "I don't know when to quit".

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