Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Art of the Day #24 - Don't touch that dial! [TV Show Crossovers]

Miraculous Zootopia by TioZandra
Source [1]
I have had the french theme song of this show stuck in my head for the past 4 days.  Not that that's a bad thing.

The Miraculous Ladybug is a really interesting take on a superhero show.  For one, the villains are some of the least intimidating I've ever seen ("Bubbler" and "Pidgeon-Man", to name a few) but yet they still manage to pose an actual threat without making the main characters seem totally weak and useless.

All the same, I think the main reason I am enjoying Miraculous Ladybug so much is because of the 3D Animation (especially during the fast-paced action sequences).  I'd say if Zootopia were to get its own TV show, I'd want it to be at least as well-animated as Ladybug.

I'm just rambling now, aren't I?  Get a whole bunch of TV Show crossovers after the break!  And feel free to comment on which ones you'd love to see actually happen (Doctor Zoo, anyone?)

Zootopia-Blacksad Crossover by FabianCobos
Source [2]
Bayfox by DocWario
Source [3]
Judy meets Psycho-Pass by smanki
Source [4]
Breaking Zootopia by DreamyArtistRoxy3
Source [5]
Officer Judy by Slickpuppy
Source [6]
[X-OVER] Buddy Cops by starlite-decay
Source [7]
(Zootopia) Z-Files by MissMikopete
Source [8]
Zootopia meet Fairly Odd Parents by FairytalesArtist
Source [9]
Doctor Zoo in Whotopia by SouthParkTaoist
Source [10]
The Wild(e) force - Commission by Frava8
Source [11]
Lt. Judy Hopps of the USS Lagomorpha (Color) by cartoonstudy
Source [12]
Doctor Who Zootopia by Pafull
Source [13]
Gravitopia / more Gravitopia by BlueOrca2000
Source [14] / Source [15]
Public Nudity Not Allowed by ker_nut
Source [16]
Zootopia and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Crossover by Donenayasart
Source [17]
Zootopia Bankai Version by Okamikurama
Source [18]
Twilight as Judy Hopps by DeannART
Source [19]
Doctor Zoo by Byron Howard (Zootopia Director)
Source [20]Source [20]


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